Umrah visa Germany

Umrah visa Germany

Umrah visa Germany , Many Muslims in Germany need to obtain a German Umrah visa to perform the rituals of Umrah, which is represented in a valid travel document for at least 6 months, personal photos with a white background, a residence permit in Germany, medical documents for the vaccine, and the Builder Travel company provides many procedures for obtaining a visa Umrah Germany All you have to do is contact for details.

Reservation of Umrah 2023 Germany

Umrah is visiting the House of God in Makkah to perform the rituals and remember God and glorify His House and His Messenger, and the scholars differed among themselves about the obligation of Umrah or that it is a confirmed Sunnah.
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Germany Umrah visa costs

Umrah costs in Germany range from 1,400 euros to 2,000 euros and vary depending on the time of booking, the type of hotel reservation, means of transportation, transportation and all other services.

Umrah conditions 2023

The conditions for the Umrah are that the person performing the Umrah must be of advanced age, that he adheres to the Islamic religion, that he is of sound mind, that he is able and fit, and that he is free. As for the woman, she needs a Mahram
As for the duties of Umrah, it is the ihram from the known miqat from any country to Mecca, or the solution to those inside the Haram, and shaving and shortening is also considered one of the duties of Umrah.

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