Umrah trip 2024

Umrah trip 2024

Tourism companies may be late in opening the door for booking the Umrah trip 2024, but the Builder Travel company has started to receive reservations for Hajj and Umrah trips 2024 now.
Umrah helps every Muslim to understand the Islamic call, influences the soul with it, and sows hope, joy and faith in the heart of every Muslim.

Umrah 2024 Germany

Builder Travel offers the possibility of booking an Umrah trip from anywhere in Germany through communication methods
phone number
030- 8323 5422

Omrah duty

The rituals of Umrah begin with the ihram, which is the Muslim’s intention to enter the rituals of Umrah.
Tawaf, which is going around the Kaaba 7 times, and it has some conditions: intention, purity, and covering the private parts. Tawaf starts from the Black Stone and ends there.
Sa’y is walking from Al-Safa Mountain to Al-Marwah Mountain while supplicating 7 times
Shaving or shortening the head, and it comes as the last ritual of Umrah, and it is preferable to visit the grave of the Messenger after completing the Umrah.

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