Umrah trip 2024

Umrah trip 2024

Muslims in Germany are looking for tourism companies through which they can book an Umrah trip. Umrah is one of the religious rites that Muslims perform to get closer to God. The Hajj of Tamattu’ (and the pilgrim must only shorten his hair and not shave, and it is done in the months of Hajj) Book now the Umrah trip 2024 From Builder Travel Company.

How to get a German Umrah visa

You can contact the company in one of the following ways and request an Umrah visa by calling the numbers
+49 1517 0304498
Or send an email
Or visit the company’s headquarters at the address
Uhlandstr. 82, 10717 Berlin, Germany

costs Umrah trip 2024

The prices of Umrah trips start from 1400 euros, but the Builder Travel company can offer better prices than that. Just contact the company and learn about the available packages, their features and prices.

Umrah 2024 Germany

The rituals of Umrah according to religious scholars are three: ihram, circumambulation, and saa’i between Jabal al-Safa and Jabal al-Marwah.
The rituals of Umrah begin with ihram from the meeqaat, and after completing the ihram, they begin to circumambulate the Black Stone, then reach it again 7 times. After completing the Umrah.4

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