Umrah 2024 from Hanover

Umrah 2024 from Hanover

Hanover is the capital of Saxony, the largest city in Germany, and it is also one of the important economic centers with a population of about one million people among different religions, including Islam. Builder Travel Tourist Services offers Umrah trips 2024 from Hanover at a very special price and for a limited period only. Follow us…..

How to get a German Umrah visa

Any citizen of Germany can obtain an Umrah visa after preparing the necessary papers, which include:
A valid passport (personal document) for at least 6 months
Recent photos with a white background.
Marriage document for married couples.
Medical vaccination documents.

How to perform Umrah 2024 from Hannover

Omrah duty
First, knowing the times when the ihram takes place
Al-Jahfa, which is the times of the people of the Levant, Egypt, the countries of Morocco and Sudan, and it was replaced by Rabigh.
Al-Sail Al-Kabir, which is the meeqaat of the Gulf states and the people of Najd.
Dhat al-Hulaifa, which is the miqat of the people of Medina.
The people of Mecca perform Ihram from their homes.
Yalamlam is the meeqat for the people of Yemen.
That ethnicity is the miqat of the people of Iraq.
Second circumambulation around the Kaaba 7 times.
Third: Sa’y from Jabal Al-Safa to Jabal Al-Marwah 7 times.
Fourth, shaving or shortening of the head.

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