Umrah 2024 from Frankfurt

Umrah 2024 Frankfurt

Frankfurt is one of the most important cities in central-western Germany and represents its economic capital, where the stock exchange and many central banks and companies are united. The population has about one million people, differ in nationalities and religion, and Frankfurt contains a large number of Muslims, so the Builder Travel Company offers tourism services booking Umrah 2024 in Frankfurt at a price Special just contact us.

Omrah duty

Umrah begins with ihram from the meeqaat. The meeqaat is the place that the Prophet specified to enter ihram from. Ihram begins with washing, applying perfume, and then praying.
After entering ihram, circumambulation begins around the Kaaba, which starts from the Black Stone and ends there also, and the circumambulation is 7 times.
After the circumambulation, the saa’i begins between Jabal al-Safa and al-Marwah 7 times, and after completing the saa’i, the pilgrims shave their heads or cut their hair.
It is mustahabb to visit the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, after completing the Umrah, visiting Al-Baqi’ and Quba Mosque, then passing through the martyrs of Uhud.

Umrah visa Germany

To obtain a German Umrah visa, some government papers need to be prepared, such as:
personal document (passport)
Personal photos with a white background
Marriage document for married couples
religious document
Medical document for vaccinations.

Umrah 2024 Frankfurt Germany

The Builder Travel company provides the possibility of booking from all cities of Germany via the Internet, calling, or communicating via WhatsApp or e-mail

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