Umrah 2024 from Dusseldorf

Umrah 2024 from Dusseldorf

The number of Muslims increases in Germany, especially Dusseldorf, and most Muslims search for the rituals of God that He commanded us to do, the most important of which is Umrah and Hajj. Umrah is intended to be a visit, circumambulation, seeking and Ihram. Umrah differs from Hajj because it is available throughout the year and is not linked to specific times or dates such as Hajj. Its virtue is great, as God Almighty said Umrah to Umrah is an expiation for what is between it. You can book Umrah 2024 from Dusseldorf from the Bilder Travel Tourism Company.

Umrah visa Germany

Some may find it difficult to obtain a German Umrah visa, and some companies make it difficult for the conditions and papers necessary to obtain a Hajj or Umrah visa, but with Builder Travel all you need is:
Personal identification document
Personal photos with a white background
Residence document in Germany
Medical certificates for all vaccinations
Marriage certificate for married couples

To book Umrah 2024 from Dusseldorf

You can communicate with the company in the appropriate way for you and your time. You can communicate through the website or through numbers and WhatsApp
You can also visit the company’s headquarters in Berlin
Uhlandstr. 82, 10717 Berlin, Germany
Or communicate through e-mail

Omrah duty

Ihram, which is the intention to enter the Umrah, and it is completed from the times that the Prophet of God commanded us, circumambulating the honorable Kaaba 7 times, starting and ending from the Black Stone, striving from Mount Safa to Mount Marwa 7 times, and the last shaving and cutting the hair of the head, and it is recommended to visit the grave of the Messenger before traveling.4

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