Umrah 2024 from Dortmund

Umrah 2024 from Dortmund

Dortmund or the city of industry, this is how the city became famous since the nineteenth century, as it established many industries and many individuals immigrated to it from inside and outside Germany, and the population reached about 700 thousand, according to the latest statistics, and the religion of these individuals varies between Catholics, Muslims and other religions, Muslims search All year long, about booking the Umrah trip 2024 from Dortmund, now the Builder Travel company offers the possibility of booking an Umrah trip from anywhere in Germany very easily, follow us…..

Umrah 2024 Germany

Umrah from Germany requires some official papers, which include:
A valid official travel document that is valid for 6 months.
Personal photos with a white background.
Marriage certificate (for married couples)
Islam document
Medical documents for vaccinations

Umrah costs 2024 from Dortmund

The costs of Umrah vary from company to company and from time to time because Umrah is available throughout the year and does not have specific times such as Hajj. Therefore, the costs of Umrah vary according to reservation and number. Builder Travel offers discounts on Umrah trips of up to 30% at some times. Contact to know more

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