How much does Umrah cost from Germany

How much does Umrah cost from Germany?

Many Muslims living in Germany ask about the cost of Umrah?! The cost of Umrah varies according to the packages. There is the distinguished package in terms of hotel reservation and transfers, which are expensive, and the medium packages, which are suitable packages for most individuals to undertake an Umrah trip. Prices in other companies start from 1400 euros, but a better price can be obtained than this through the Builder Travel company only. Connect with us .

Umrah trip 2024

What are the requirements for booking the Umrah trip 2024?! To prepare for the Umrah pilgrimage, the following must be prepared:
A valid passport, valid for 7 months, with a valid residence permit as well.
Pictures with a white background.
Marriage document for married couples.
A medical document related to the necessary health vaccinations.

Umrah trip 2024 Germany

Builder Travel provides the possibility of booking an Umrah trip from all cities of Germany at a special price compared to other companies. You can communicate and book in one of the following ways:
Visit the company’s headquarters at the address
Uhlandstr. 82, 10717 Berlin, Germany
Or call the numbers
Send an email

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