Hajj 2024 prices

Hajj 2024 prices

The prices of Hajj and Umrah are increasing every year and all the companies offer different offers in terms of price and facilities: there are five star Hajj, four star Hajj, three star Hajj and Umrah and they all ask for it Hajj 2024 prices . Learn more.

Hajj 2024

Hajj rituals include the following
Ihram – Tawaf – Sa’y between Safi and Marwah – Tarwiyah – Standing on Mount Arafat – Overnight in Muzdalifah – Throwing Jamarat – Al-Hadi – Tawaf al-Ifadha – Throwing Jamarat – Farewell Tawaf.

hajj 2024 germany

This year’s Hajj is different from previous years and the company Bild Travel offers many benefits to the pilgrims and also cares about comfort and safety so that every pilgrim can perform the Hajj rituals with ease.

Book hajj trip

The Hajj trip can be booked in many ways: you can call 0304498 1517 49, send an email, communicate through the company’s website or visit the company’s headquarters.

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