hajj 2024 from Hamburg

Hajj 2024 from Hamburg

Hajj 2024 from Hamburg , Hamburg is one of the largest cities in Germany in terms of area and population, with a population of 2 million, and the number of Muslims in it is about 4% of the population, and many Muslims are now looking to book the Hajj 2024 Hamburg trip, and the Builder Travel company offers a special discount on Hajj trips now Just contact us at 4915170304498.

Hajj rites in detail

The pilgrimage is the most famous information, so whoever imposes the pilgrimage on them, there is no obscenity, no immorality, and no argument in the pilgrimage, and whatever good you do, God knows it.
Hajj rituals are carried out in successive steps
The first is the Ihram, which is one of the well-known pillars of Hajj. Throwing stones, and finally the farewell circumambulation, then traveling.

When will you perform Hajj 2024?

Hajj varies every year in the Gregorian date, but the date of Hajj is fixed in the Hijri date and starts from the eighth day of Dhu al-Hijjah every year until the completion of the Hajj rituals and travel again.

How much is Hajj 2024?

The cost of Hajj varies depending on several factors, the cost of the visa, hotel reservation 5 stars, 4 stars or 3 stars, travel and transfers.

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