Hajj 2024 from Frankfurt

Hajj 2024 from Frankfurt

Hajj 2024 from Frankfurt, from the Builder Travel company, is the best trip offered in Germany in terms of price, hotels, transfers, safety, and security. You can book a Hajj 2024 trip for the whole family at a special price.

Frankfurt is one of the cities in western Germany in the state of Hesse on the Main River. It is one of the most important cities economically. It has the headquarters of major companies, central banks and the stock exchange as well. Large art exhibitions are held every year. The population is about 700,000 people, according to the latest census in 2012, and the number of Muslims is In Germany, about 4.5 million.

Book Hajj 2024 Frankfurt

You can book from Frankfurt Hajj trips in more than one way:
Visit the company’s headquarters
Uhlandstr. 82, 10717 Berlin, Germany
Communication through a number
030- 8323 5422
Send an email

How much is the cost of Hajj from Germany 2024?

There are more than one Hajj packages that differ in price and features. There are high-cost packages, medium-cost packages, and low-cost packages. The cost of Hajj trips depends on the type of hotel reservation, 5-star, 4-star, or 3-star, transfers, and the cost of the visa as well.

Umrah 2024

The company also provides reservations for Umrah trips for 2024 throughout the year. Umrah is a confirmed year as well, and it has rituals such as Hajj, but it differs in some details.

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