Hajj 2024 from Bremen Germany

Hajj 2024 from Bremen Germany

Bremen is one of the wonderful cities in Germany, which is located in the north between Hamburg and Hanover, and has a population of one million people, according to the latest statistics. Bremen contains different nationalities and different religions as well. Among these religions is Islam, and German Muslims constitute about 4% of the population, and these Muslims With their religious rituals, the most important of which is Hajj and Umrah……. Follow us to learn more about Hajj 2024 Bremen Germany.

The cost of Hajj 2024 Bremen Germany

The cost of Hajj increases every year compared to the previous year, but the Builder Travel Company provides very special and suitable Hajj packages for everyone, and it also provides the best services for pilgrims to work on their comfort during the Hajj period.

Hajj and Umrah 2024

The Builder Travel company is characterized by the fact that it provides reservations for Hajj and Umrah trips 2024 throughout the year, at special prices that suit everyone. Anyone can communicate at any time and book. The company also provides different booking methods, so it can be through WhatsApp 4915170304498 or through the website or through e-mail

Hajj dates 2024

The rituals of Hajj begin every year on the eighth of Dhu al-Hijjah, but differ in the Gregorian date every year, and the rituals of Hajj 2024 begin on Friday, June 14  and end with the end of the Hajj rituals, which begin with ihram, circumambulation, pursuit, perfusion, standing at Arafat, and staying overnight. In Zdalifah, Tawaf Al Ifadha, stoning the Jamarat and Tawaf Al Farewell.

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