Hajj 2024 Dortmund

Hajj 2024 Dortmund

Dortmund is one of Germany’s cities in North Rhine-Westphalia and is one of the most important commercial, cultural and administrative centers. Its population is about 5 million, according to the latest census in 2017, and the number has increased now more. Therefore, the Builder Travel company offers Hajj 2024 Dortmund at a very special price.

Hajj 2024 in Germany

If you are a resident of Germany or one of its cities and convert to Islam and are looking for the best Hajj or Umrah trip, all you have to do is contact the company through the number 49 1517 0304498.
Performing religious rituals among Muslims is one of the most important things in their daily lives. One of the most important of these rituals, which is one of the pillars of the Islamic religion, is Hajj. Therefore, the company facilitated all necessary procedures for travel. Learn more.

Best Hajj companies 2024 Dortmund

The company is distinguished by many advantages and also offers many special services to each traveler that increase the comfort and safety factors for him to set up a distinguished Hajj trip. Among the rituals of Hajj:
First, the ihram to Makkah, then visiting the Kaaba (Tawaf al-Qudum), striving between Safi and Marwah, then heading to Mina, and that will be on the eighth day of Dhu al-Hijjah, after that standing at Mount Arafat on the ninth day, and at the end of the day, heading to Muzdalifah, and finally on the day The tenth is stoning the Jamarat, then returning to Mina, and at the end the farewell circumambulation, then traveling.

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