Book an Umrah for Ramadan

Book an Umrah for Ramadan

Book an Umrah for Ramadan , The month of Ramadan is one of the noble months that God has bestowed upon Muslims. In it, the Qur’an was revealed and God, Glory be to Him, commanded Muslims to fast in it, just as the reward is great.

Umrah from Germany

Germany has a large number of Muslim immigrants from all over the world, and these Muslims are looking for tourism companies that offer Hajj and Umrah trips at a special price to establish the religious slogan of the Islamic religion, which is the pilgrimage to the House for those who are able or the Umrah, especially the Umrah of Ramadan, which is equivalent to the reward of Hajj, so the Builder Travel company offers Book Umrah trips for Ramadan 2024 now by calling the numbers

How to get a German Umrah visa

The Umrah visa requires some papers to be issued, such as:
A passport valid for 6 months
Recent personal photos
Medical vaccination document

How much does Umrah cost from Germany?

The cost of Umrah varies from time to time according to the numbers, because Umrah is available throughout the year and is not linked to a date such as Hajj. Despite this, the Builder Travel Company offers many offers on Hajj and Umrah trips. Continue to learn more.

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